3D Folkes is a professional 3D printing and CAD design service, which focuses on delivering high quality work with excellent service. Based in Sheffield, UK, we are perfect for product development, prototyping or any other creative needs. As a manufacturing partner of 3D Hubs, the worlds largest network of manufacturing services, and a Made In Sheffield license holder, we're a brand that you can be confident you can trust.

Made in Sheffield

Through the use of Solidworks, an industy standard in CAD software, we can convert your idea into a detailed digital 3D CAD design and then through the use of a range of different 3D printers, we can turn it into the finished product that you are looking for. Whether you are looking for just a design to be created or if you already have a design and you just want it printing, get in touch on 0333 335 0150 or email us via info@3dfolkes.co.uk to discuss any requirements you may have.